Mentoring & Counselling Scheme

Mentoring & Counselling Scheme at Krishna Polytechnic

The main objective of counselling & mentoring is to help out each student in taking right decision for their academic and personal growth.

  • In addition, counselling & mentoring will help boost students’ morale and improve their learning abilities.
  • Each faculty acts as a counsellor in the counselling & mentoring process.
  • Each counsellor is responsible for guiding about 20 students of a class.
  • The faculty listen to their problems both academic and personal which hinder their learning abilities.
  • In the counselling cum mentoring sessions, students raise their difficulties/problems regarding academics/general facilities/hostel facilities with their respective counsellors.
  • The counselling & mentoring coordinator examines their problems and discusses with the principal to find a better solution for their grievances.