We are Awesome

Smart Classrooms

All classrooms at Krishna Polytechnic campus are spacious and well equipped which provides the most conducive and comfortable atmosphere which makes teaching more interesting and interactive for students.
Our classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned and we have added all the modern facilities like projectors, Wi-Fi and sound system to make this whole journey of teaching and learning more fun for our students.


We believe that libraries are the most important learning resource for students. At Krishna Polytechnic we have a central library and libraries situated in different academic blocks. Our libraries not only give students and teachers access to books and e-books but also e-journals. Students can also access to these study materials online since we have bar-coded the whole collection. We think that our students should get an easy access to knowledge.


Cafeteria is a very important part of student’s life and hence we tried to make our cafeteria very beautiful and full of all the hygienic delicacies.  Our cafeteria was made on a motto of providing a good environment to the students. Since healthy nutrition is the most important requirement for all round performance therefore cafeteria at Krishna Polytechnic serves everything from Indian to Chinese and from Continental to other wide ranges.

Medical Facilities

Our student’s health is very important to us therefore here at Krishna Polytechnic we provide great medical facilities for all the students. We have doctors available within the campus. We provide free medication and treatment to the entire Krishna Polytechnic students and staff. We also have ambulance facilities in case of emergencies. We take no risk with our student’s health and well-being.

Other facilities

Auditorium and Conference Facility

We also have auditoriums and conference rooms where different programs take place. These are the places where students come face to face with other leaders and learn a lot of things. Our motto is not just to provide the students with bookish knowledge but also to make them capable of facing the world tomorrow.


Each department have a laboratory for imparting knowledge to the future of tomorrow. Our laboratories are filled up with all the things our students would need. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned in providing the best knowledge to our students.


Krishna Polytechnic consists of a great team of security guards who works with full dedication to keep our campus and students secure. Our campus also has CCTV cameras for the protection of our campus assets, our faculty and our students.


We understand that most of the students moving away from home feel out of place; hence we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering comfortable and safe stay in the campus. Krishna Polytechnic offers separate hostels for boys and girls supervised 24X7 by wardens and vigilant security personnel. Life-on-campus not only helps students to study but to socialize with their peers. Students have the luxury of being located outside the bustle of the city, yet not far from the attractions of the city during weekends. Friendships generated in the students’ life lasts longer.