You Learn More, Do More And Earn More

Krishna Polytechnic insures an academic programme that is dynamic, consultancy evolving and one that reflects the institute’s commitment to stay in a tune with the expanding frontiers of knowledge worldwide. A favourable student-teacher ratio ensures productive, personal contact between the student and the teacher.

We encourage our students to meet all their academic goals and to work hard at maximizing their academic potential. The students, faculty and staff of Krishna Polytechnic plays an active role in the interactive, hands-on educational process to enable our students to imbibe a spirit of inquiry, discovery, critical analysis, problem-handling and decision making, besides developing a love for life-long learning, creativity, responsibility, collaboration, leadership and independent thinking. We groom and prepare them as global citizens for tomorrow.
What you might expect from Krishna Polytechnic

  • You will be challenged to unlock to your true potential, hone your strengths and abilities
  • You will gain confidence to push yourself to the limit; towards new and unexplored horizons
  • Holistic personal development that readies you for a global marketplace
  • Innovative curriculum and methodologies
  • A multi-tech engineering facility
  • Well-qualified and dedicated faculty with years of relevant industry/academic experience
  • A fully-stocked, multi-media library that subscribes to reputed online journals
  • Promotion of extracurricular activities, such as 'Robomania', ‘Anubhav’, 'Umang', ‘G-Spectra’ etc. to develop collaborative effort and group dynamics
  • Regular job fairs and interactive interfaces with placement consultancies and recruiters from reputed companies to help you land your dream job