About Krishna Polytechnic

The Trend Setters

Choosing to study is a big decision in every student’s life, that’s why Krishna Polytechnic has committed to make it as easy as possible and If you have decided to study in Haryana, then choose to study in Krishna Polytechnic as we are dedicated to educating and empowering students. Our incredible academicians are here to develop your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Krishna Polytechnic is one of the best polytechnic institute in NCR & Haryana region with high-tech infrastructure & latest technology of education & training faculties, Approved by AICTE and affiliated to HSBTE.

Krishna Polytechnic imparts not only education to students, but it teaches the value system. Your personality is so completely groomed that really separates you from the crowd. You’ll get the finest career preparation at Krishna Polytechnic and It also shapes your character, builds your confidence and imbibes, long lasting moral values. It paves way for your steadfast progress. Krishna Polytechnic nurtures the essence of growth in education and its holistic approach focuses on the overall development of its students.

The broad range of our course work and practical instructions in technical laboratories prepare tomorrow’s engineers for a variety of stimulating, rewarding and challenging frontiers in different industries that are all at the cusp of change. We are providing Robotics Engineering Hands on Experience with KUKA Robot KR-16 GmbH. Krishna Polytechnic has replaced the Class Room study and started believing more on Practical oriented system

Krishna Polytechnic is not only the choice of students but also the Industry which plays a very important role in the field of placements, so more emphasis is on overall development of students to which we provide an environment that stimulates passion and curiosity to learn and grow.